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Giannis, Jabari amongst NBA frontrunners within dunks

The Milwaukee Dollars happen to be enjoyable to view this year.Oscar Robertson Jersey Plus they possess two hundred and fifty explanations why.

Led through Giannis Antetokounmpo as well as Jabari Parker,Jabari Parker Jersey the actual Dollars presently position 3rd within the NBA along with two hundred and fifty complete group dunks. This particular uses completing runner-up within 2015-16 along with 446 dunks,Spencer Hawes Jersey 2nd and then Kevin Durant as well as their previous group, the actual Okla Town Magic.Khris Middleton Jersey

Most Group Dunks-2016-17

As it’s youthful primary increases much more encounter, the actual Dollars obtain much more highlight-reel dunks.Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey Milwaukee completed twelfth following Parker’s first year 12 months within the category (2014-15) along with 320 dunks.

And in the event that much more proof had been required to observe that prospects the actual Bucks’ throw-down assault, Milwaukee had been rated twentieth within the NBA within group dunks prior to creating Antetokounmpo within the very first circular from the 2013 write. This year, Giannis prospects the entire NBA within dunks with a non-center, along with 103. He or she presently rests 28 dunks in front of Durant as well as thirty dunks in front of Parker.

Most Dunks through Non-Centers-2016-17

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